You want customers and customers are on mobile.

Facebook Messenger was the number two downloaded app in 2016 behind Facebook itself. The platform is growing like crazy and it’s where you want to be.

A chatbot built on Facebook Messenger can help you provide excellent service to your existing customers. Combine the chatbot with Facebook’s powerful advertising platform to find and bring new customers into your business.

​Chatbots have a more natural, conversational feel. People comfortable with communicating through messaging have no problem chatting with bots, as long as the bot is providing something of value to them.

Here are 5 ways a Facebook Messenger chatbot can help your business.

1 – Answer Questions
A Facebook Messenger bot can give your customers answers to frequently asked questions, like your location, directions, hours and services freeing up your time to do other things.

2 – Ask Questions
A Facebook Messenger bot can be programmed to ask questions for surveys, contests, or collecting customer info. Whatever it is you want to know, a bot can ask.

3 – Share Files
A Facebook Messenger bot can send your customers images, videos, web links and more!

4 – Broadcast Messages
A Facebook Messenger bot will enable you to send important messages to all of your customers such as unexpected closings, special events and deals as they happens.

5 – Sell Stuff
Using a Facebook Messenger bot, you can offer your products or services to your customers without them having to leave Messenger.

Your chatbot should be designed to interact with your customers the same way you would. Don’t think of it as just another advertising tool, but rather as an extension of you, providing valuable service and information about your business, just as you would.

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