Who I Am

Meet Arleen West, Website Designer

I'm Arleen West

I’ve been working in IT and computer related fields for over 20 years. I began designing websites in 2000 as part of my job duties working as a network administrator for a small library.

While I never hand-coded an entire website, I used to design in Dreamweaver. As I gained more experience (and clients), and web design changed, I began working in WordPress and other website builders such as Wix and Weebly. I like WordPress the best because its so highly customizable. But my experience in IT gives me the ability to quickly learn and feel comfortable in almost any platform.

I left my job a few years ago to pursue my own business. A drifter at heart, I wanted a job I can take anywhere. Now I’m based in Minneapolis, MN, but I can often be found in New York, Virginia and California. I’m planning some more extensive travel around the US next year after the birth of my fourth grandchild.

The last couple of years I invested in some extensive Facebook ads training as well as learning about SEO and marketing in general.

In addition to my computer skills, I’m a certified yoga instructor and a brown belt in Street Combat Jujitsu. I enjoy paddleboarding, kayaking, hiking, running, the beach, music, photography and spending time with my grandchildren.