Why You Need to Start Your Holiday Marketing Now

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Why You Need to Start Your Holiday Marketing Now

With Labor Day right around the corner, the holidays may be the last thing you want to think about. That’s right – the holidays already! But the sooner you get started making your holiday marketing plans, the more likely your efforts will be successful.

This article maps out the timeline of when you should implement specific parts of your strategy.


Summer is the time you should decide on which products or services you want to promote during the holidays. Determine your pricing structure, including discounts you plan to give and when you plan to give them.

Gather or create content for your products or services, including text, images and video. Keep in mind a video demonstration is worth a thousand words so you’ll want to allow enough time to plan, shoot, and edit any videos in time for your marketing.


You should be running brand awareness campaigns throughout the year, but if you’re not, now is the time to start running a few campaigns so your brand is recognized when people are ready to buy. Create a schedule for when you’ll start promoting specific items and when you’ll offer discounts.

You’ll want to have your planning finished by the end of September, so start early!


By October, the holidays are just around the corner and many people are starting to actively looking for gift ideas. Now is the time to start ramping up your marketing and showing your offerings.

Grow your following and customer list by encouraging people to sign up for sneak peeks, discounts and special announcements. This also helps fuel anticipation. 

By the end of the month, you want to begin to drive sales to existing customers with targeted ads and emails.


November is time to get your marketing into gear. By the middle of the month, people are getting into the spirit and most are actively looking to purchase.  Your marketing schedule should be in full swing with emails and social media posts going out daily.

Start using holiday themed art and music in your materials – reminding people that the holiday’s are coming in fast. Sure lots of people complain about the holiday stuff coming out early, but used strategically it can be a powerful way to remind people the holidays are coming and they don’t want to be frantically looking for last minute gifts.

Start advertising your Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals in early November. Remember all those people who signed up for the sneak peeks back in October? Now is the time to cash in!


December is a continuation of November. Send emails and social posts going at least daily. Create urgency by offering guaranteed delivery if they order by a certain date. Get creative with small items people can get quickly and inexpensively for last minute gifts and stocking stuffers.

A few points to remember…

  • Use first names in your emails and messages to personalize your campaigns and draw your customers in. Everybody loves to feel special.

  • Develop a fun theme around your brand to create a buzz (remember “Elf Yourself?”).

  • Be consistent! Post and send regularly so your customers know what to expect.

  • Make your plan, stick to it and have a fun and profitable holiday season!

Early planning and consistency is key to getting the most from your holiday marketing. Follow these simple guidelines to plan for this, and every holiday season so your business can get more exposure, and ultimately more sales.

Happy Holidays!


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