Three Ways to Use Facebook Ads to Get Customers

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Three Ways to Get Customers Using Facebook Ads

Running Facebook ads can be frustrating. There’s a lot of testing involved. You have to figure out who your audience is, figure out how to find them on Facebook, then craft an ad with a message that speaks to them and gets them to convert.

In this article, I outline three different campaign types that will help you dial in your targeting and hopefully get good results.

Before I get into the specific strategies, let me first say you should always be boosting posts and running branding campaigns. Why? Because it gets your business name seen, builds name recognition and trust. Then, when you run a campaign asking them for something, they’ll be more likely to convert.

Branding campaigns should not only share information about your business, but also useful stuff without requiring people to give their email or other information. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever ask for it, but it’s a good gesture to give freely, especially when you’re first starting out.

With that said, here’s three different Facebook campaign strategies you can use to bring customers into your business.

Refer a Friend

In this type of campaign, you’re running an ad to your existing customers or page fans giving them something in return for referring a friend. It might be a discount coupon, a 2-4-1 deal or free desert for both of you, depending on your business.

The idea with the refer a friend campaign is but to get the friends email address or Facebook Messenger so you can continue to build a relationship and turn them into a long-time customer instead of a one-time deal.

To run this campaign, target your Facebook page fans or upload your customer database to Facebook and create a custom audience. Let them know about the deal and ask them to tag their friends or send them to a landing page where you can collect emails.

Free Session or Trial

My mentor always says the value is created after the experience. What he means is if you let people experience your product or service first, you enable them to see the value of it and they won’t mind paying for it later.

You may think giving away a free session, or trial is too expensive, and yes, there are some people who are just shopping for the freebies. But what you really need to think about is the lifetime value of a customer.

How long does a customer typically stay with you? How much income is generated during that time span? Is the cost of a free trial or session greater than the lifetime value of one customer?

With a free trial or session offer it’s important to target people who share the same qualities as your existing customers. Use your customer database to create a lookalike audience in Facebook to run your ad to. This will help you avoid the freebie shoppers and connect with the people most likely to purchase.

Target Specific Life Events

Facebook allows you to target people based on specific life events such as getting engaged or birthdays. This is huge because, let’s face it, people are having birthdays and getting engaged every day of the year. The big question is how to appeal to them.

For people with a birthday the obvious campaign to run is the birthday person gets something for free. You could combine it with other offers, like 2-4-1, but I think it’s important to keep it simple if you’re just starting out. See how it goes, then add other options.

Brides-to-be can’t get enough of the wedding planning stuff. You can capitalize on this by offering them something helpful for free – like a list of wedding planners in your area.

Targeting Tip – Only run a newly engaged ad to women. Men, generally, aren’t going to be interested in the wedding planning stuff.

With life event campaigns, there will be a fresh supply of leads every day so you should run them all the time.

To run them, simply type whatever life event you’re looking for in the Detailed Targeting box of the Audience section when creating your ad. As you can see from the image, you can target birthdays every month so your ad can be very specific and tailored for the time of year.

Facebook ads can be low-cost way of getting customers, if you run the right ad the right people. If you’ve been running Facebook ads but haven’t been getting any traction, try using one of the strategies above. And remember the best resource for determining your ideal audience is your existing customer database.


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