Hemp Garden

Hemp Garden is an ecommerce website built on WordPress and WooCommerce. I started working on the Hemp Garden website in December 2019 after I responded to a tweet by someone looking for someone to take over the project. The original designer is not a web designer and so couldn’t figure out what the problems were when some plugins were conflicting. I was able to find the conflict and publish the site.

Not long after, I was hired for monthly maintenance of Hemp Garden as well as MĀSK Skincare, a sister company they own.

There were some issues with the original Hemp Garden design. The mobile menu didn’t display right, and the plugin used to fix it wasn’t reliable. The product images had a gray background and looked dingy. There was also no SEO done on the website.

I edited all of the images replacing the grey background with white and enlarging the products somewhat. To fix the menu issue, I wound up changing the theme from Storefront to OceanWP, which also had a positive, more elegant effect on other elements of the site as well.

Hemp Garden Home Page