Why I’m Back On Pinterest

Recently I received an email from the team over at Later.com which sent me to a post on their blog – How to Use Pinterest’s New Story Pins for Creators – that tells about a new feature on Pinterest called Story Pins. I was on my phone so I followed a link in the post to see some Story Pins and I have to say I really liked them – better than stories in Instagram and Facebook.

So now I’m obsessed to find out all I can about them and I can’t wait to start using them.

What I like about Pinterest Story Pins

I’ve never really been all that into Pinterest either as a user or to promote my business. I know it’s a great traffic driver because I’ve tested a few ads and had great results, but because I didn’t spend much time on the platform, I didn’t take it any further.

As a user, I think Pinterest is a great bookmarking tool but I’ve always found the platform to be a little clunky. I mean, yes, it’s very easy to save a pin but I always felt like it was so much clicking. I’d see a pin I like so I’d click on the picture and the pin opens up. Then I’d have to click again to get to the destination. Too much clicking.

And I really can’t stand when Google search results are links to pins because then I have to go through a series of clicks before I get to what I’m searching for. It’s annoying.

When you interact with a Story Pin, you can take your time. You must tap the pin to move on to the next slide in the story, so if there’s a lot of text on a slide you have time finish reading it. You don’t have to worry about it moving on to the next slide or the next user’s story and having to tap back. 

Story Pins are a game changer

Story Pins are a game changer because the pin itself is the information. You don’t have to link off Pinterest to get the full story.  Sooooo much easier for the end user.

Video slides just keep replaying until you move to the next slide. I love the control.

And Story Pins can be saved the same as a regular pin, so you can put them on one of your boards for later.

For a business, it’s a whole new way to spread your message.

Think of the possibilities –

  • Tell a story
  • Quick tutorials
  • Portfolios
  • Present different ideas for one thing such as 5 ways to…
  • Product listings
  • Tips and tricks
  • Lists

Hopefully down the road they will add the ability to have a separate link on each slide.

You Should Know...

You can tell a Story Pin in the feed when you see the number of slides in the top left corner of the pin.

The feature isn’t available to everyone right now. You have to request an invite here and you need to have a business account.  

I’m really excited about Story Pins on Pinterest and looking forward to getting my invite so I can get started creating. In the meantime, I’m utilizing the carousel feature (similar, but not the same) to make pins and planning for what I will present when I’m granted access.

Looking for some inspiration? You can take a look at some of my favorite Story Pins here.